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PRIVATE ONLINE PLANS (Your 28 day weight loss program)

Fix your Metabolism with our summer 28-day weight loss program starting on Monday the 3rd of July. This program goes from strength to strength as we continuously deliver more, such as the NEW “live” video sessions with our weight loss expert David McDonagh and with our recently updated metabolism formula it means easier and better weight loss results! Don’t forget to watch our brief explainer video above (When the video is playing click/press on the bottom right side and the video will play on the full screen on your device).

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We individually calculate the right food level to fit with your key metabolism factors (age/height/weight/routine activity level/fitness) meaning your plan suits your exact weight loss needs at this point in time. Along with delivering you proven food plans and a flexible exercise regime that delivers Real weight loss my team and I will be there to support and motivate you along the way with twice weekly online weigh in’s for accountability, detoxes, food challenges,  Q & A’s, important handouts plus mindset posts to keep you focused on achieving 10Ibs (1 size) or possibly more in 4 weeks or 20+Ibs (2 sizes) in 8 weeks (over 2 x 4 week online plans*). You won’t get a better combination of a top-class weight loss program coupled with daily support and motivation from our experienced team which include me , I’m a Dietician, fitness trainer & creator of System 10 and Linda (Personal trainer and Motivation coach) with years of experience helping people like you improve their lifestyles and achieve great weight loss results.

This program is about REAL weight loss done the right way (No shortcuts and no gimmicks) giving you a better Metabolism and brilliant weight loss! It will build your energy and health. You will see dramatic changes in your shape. Losing 10 lbs will look and feel incredible because it is real fat. You will get at stubborn fat. You will find it easier to keep the weight off afterwards. You will learn how to eat properly, exercise right for weight loss and amazing other things about weight loss.

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Difficult Weight Loss: Your plan will focus on fixing your metabolism and really helps with difficult weight loss problems like severe overweight, slow thyroid, menopausal weight loss, post-pregnancy weight loss, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, PCOS, endometriosis, diabetic weight loss and much more.

Learn Amazing info: Learn how to eat properly, what your weight loss portion size is and what foods best support your weight loss efforts. Find out how to exercise right for your current goals. You probably already know that there are 3500 calories in 1lb of fat. But did you know that less exercise often works better for some when losing weight! Toning is more important for weight loss than cardio! You should never train after a 12-hour work shift as it can slow the metabolism! Plus much more!

Top Support: We will be there every step of the way through a totally PRIVATE and NEW Facebook group that will give you the best of encouragement, support and up to date advice. Our number 1 goal is helping you see your best weight loss results that’s why we provide daily support to help you achieve a very realistic 10Ibs in 4wks or 20+Ibs in 8wks.

On signing up you will complete your questionnaire then we use our proven formula to calculate the exact food level and weekly exercise level you will need to achieve the best results. This completely changes weight loss! It means you can eat plenty of food, do realistic exercise, enjoy your life and still get great results.

After purchasing your program and on completion of your questionnaire your personal program will be sent to your email on Saturday the 1st of July. Your program includes your food & exercise plans that can be followed from home, classes or at the gym with plenty of rest days built in. You’ll also be sent a request to join a completely private System 10 Facebook group where we will fully support and motivate you daily. The guides and handouts to accompany your plan will be added to the files section of this private Facebook group (An invite to join will be sent to your email address) where you can read them on your device or print them depending on your preference. If you are ready to seriously tackle your weight loss and health goals then decide on the course (4 or 8wks) that suits your goals and sign up below. Please note If you sign up to the 8wk (2 x 4wk plans) option not only will you make an even better saving and you’re committing to even more results!

  • Program starts: Monday, 3rd of July
  • Limited-time savings: See below

Keep scrolling for more detailed information on what your plan includes and recent updates which make it even easier to achieve 10Ibs every 4 weeks!

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and If you need any advice in the meantime please email me at

Dietician & Metabolism Specialist (Creator of the System 10 program, For more info on David, click here)

*(The 8wk plan will be two 4wk plans with a week’s break in between, you will complete a new questionnaire on the break between plans so that we can prepare your second 4wk plan. This makes your plans even more accurate which leads to great results and freshens up your motivation along with our new private online support group!)

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Your plan includes.......

Food Plans

Structured food plans that tell you what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (but with flexibility and built-in choices).
A flexible exercise plan

Your exercise plan can be done from home, the gym or at fitness classes.
Food/Drinks allowance

Daily treat allowance included plus one social night per week with a built in alcohol allowance (If you drink alcohol).
Weekly Challenges (0ptional)

Optional detox/food challenge days (For those who want extra benefits and like a challenge)
Your own weight loss expert

Working directly under David's guidance through a very private Facebook group. He will be there every day to guide you in the right direction, answer your questions and keep you on target for your weekly weigh ins.

Something to consider: A consultation with a dietician like David typically costs €80 and If you've any questions afterwards you've to wait until the next consultation (another €80). With this plan you've daily access to a dietician who's also a fitness instructor who' dedicated 20+ years specilising in helping people like you to lose weight the correct way and be healthier, fitter and more toned.
Top tips

You'll get the best tips for staying motivated, conquering cravings, emotional eating and resisting temptation.

The incredible support and motivation from others in the private Facebook group should not be underestimated. If you've a difficult moment, day or week then you can share it with those in the group. Many of them will suffer similar moments and their support can help you see it through and progress with much more ease.
A Better Metabolism

Here's just some of the other benefits you'll see over the course of your plan.

Better sleep, better hormone balance and better mood by fixing your metabolism.

More recent improvements added....

(NEW) Live video sessions
Along with our support and informative videos throughout the 28 days from the weight loss expert David McDonagh there will be a live weekly questions and answers session at a designated time each week when you can tune in to watch, listen and ask David a question in real time. And If you miss the session don't worry as it's available to playback after the session at any time that suits you best.
Toning Videos
Our 10 minute toning videos mean that you can easily watch the toning videos from the private group on multiple devices and know that your technique is good plus it adds to the motivation and results!
Detox/Catch up plans
Special 1 day detox plans and catch up plans available when needed. These plans are great for a boost in results without cutting corners.
Maintenance plan
Now you receive a maintenance food plan at the end of each 28 day plan which makes holding onto your results so much easier!
More Support
Optional personal pep talk when you really really need it! If you feel you need to hear a friendly and helpful voice to help you stay on track, pick up the pace on your results or get you back on track we will be there.

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Drop 10lbs (1 size) in 4wks!

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