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18th July Updates

Good morning consultants……….just 7 weeks left to peak season so a few key things to keep you fired up or thinking……..

  1. Advertise small and you will stay small – advertise big and you can get huge! You need to be thinking of spending an absolute minimum of €500 on advertising and ideally more like €800!! Seriously if you are below €500 monthly you will NEVER EVER succeed.
  2. Make sure to prepare to integrate Silver plans into your business
  3. We will be starting consistent National newspaper advertising on behalf of everyone in mid August
  4. We are also working on a hardcopy newsletter for September
  5. A few agents have start Facebook campaigns and they are going quite well. Contact Graham for more details.
  6. New food plans will be out in September. There will now be levels 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 etc going forward

Above all remember that if you are doing what we want you to do then you will be looking after people better than ANY other weight loss plan in the country – NO EXCEPTIONS! Make sure to tell people this in your sales inquiry.

Thank you