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About David

David is considered a leading authority on weight loss, metabolism and motivation. Through his extensive research and study he has brought these fields to a new level of science and professionalism. Clients and fitness trainers from all over the World seek his advice and expertise

David McDonagh, Fitness Trainer
David initially qualified as a N.C.E.F fitness trainer (at the University of Limerick) but being recognised for his unique passion and commitment, quickly went on to set-up and manage some top health & fitness centres. He began to specialise in weight loss and soon got a great reputation for his ability to produce results and motivate even when dealing with very difficult cases including severe overweight.

He went onto study further and qualified as a N.C.E.F level 2 resistance trainer (with distinction), then a N.C.E.F level 2 personal trainer and later still a N.C.E.F. level 3 tutor – trainer to trainers (also with distinction).

Earlier in his career he was made Junior Chamber Ireland National Entrepreneur of the Year for his work in health and fitness. In 2003 David qualified in holistic nutrition & dietetics with the Irish Health Culture Association, making him one of only a handful of people in the country to hold his unique combination of qualifications.

David created the System 10 weight loss plan to fill the urgent needs he had identified from his work in weight loss. The plan focuses on fixing a person’s metabolism and combines it with balanced food and exercise. The outstanding results quickly became apparent especially for people who had tried everything before and failed. His work was featured on RTE’s very popular Nationwide programme and he's been on TV3 several times discussing the link between Metabolism and weight loss/health.

With extensive studies in metabolism, endocrinology (hormone balance), amino acid therapy, herbalism, emotional eating and psychology (including CBT and NLP), he is in the very unique position of being able to pull together ideas and solutions from a wide variety of fields in solving weight loss and health problems including slow thyroid, osteoporosis, fertility, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, PCOS and endometriosis.

Perhaps the greatest qualities he can bring you are his attention to detail and determination to treat the cause and not the symptoms. He ruthlessly pursues the ‘why’ behind the ‘why’. He wants to bring you the latest most up-to-date research. He never gives up until he finds a solution and if it doesn’t exist he creates it!

David’s main work now is in supporting System 10 weight loss consultants and clients through his clinics and online courses. He continues to study and do research and runs motivational talks and workshops.

He has appeared on radio and TV many times and is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines. He is the fitness and nutrition expert for national station Classic Hits 4FM. He contributes as a nutrition and weight loss expert to Woman’s Way magazine and previously did it for celebrity magazine RSVP. He is regularly called on by the media for his opinion or advice.

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