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I would like you to consider the key mistakes people make when it comes to getting and staying motivated for weight loss. Working to prevent these errors will go a long way to making you successful.

1. GOALS - In an earlier issue we spoke about having a crystal clear goal or goals. Your goal must be very specific in terms of how much you want to lose, where you want to lose it from and by when you will lose it. Having a clear end destination with some checkpoints along the way is essential for success. You will never succeed without crystal clear goals that are written down!

2. WRITTEN PLAN – 2 very important… Read more

Your digestive is the starting point of all body function and so an enormous amount of health problems originate here. Your digestive function begins with chewing, so by simply focussing on chewing more you can greatly help your body. There is nothing more destructive for the body then swallowing food, especially meats, poultry and fish in large lumps.

However another major part of your digestive system is the balance of flora or bacteria in the small and large intestine. I would say 2 out of every 3 people I meet have a problem in this area and get major benefits by restoring the balance with probiotic… Read more

Stress is probably your biggest enemy today! It is impossible to avoid and can quickly destroy your health. The more research I do the better I understand how destructive it is. Suffice it to say that whatever you have heard to date multiply it by about a factor of 5 to fully understand how destructive it is right now in your body.

Seeing as you cannot avoid it, you need to make serious efforts to counter balance its effects or you will pay dearly with poor quality of like, serious illness and disease and it possibly costing you 10 to 15 years of life – what a price to pay!!

Chamomile tea is one of the … Read more

A. This is all down to changes in your metabolism. As we get older our metabolisms are rapidly changing. Thyroid levels fall, male and female hormones decline, our digestive function declines, liver function declines and blood sugar rises and these are just a few of the changes. These are all critical factors for weight loss.

Even in young fit adults, the margin for weight loss success is very tight. As you get older, even small changes in the metabolism areas can wipe out the margin for weight loss success. This is the reason I always stress that there are 3 critical ingredients to weight loss –… Read more

A. There are a number of factors in this. Biggest of them all is the fact that on most weight loss plans you aren’t really burning fat to begin with! There is only so much toxins and water you can lose, so inevitably results will stop. This will especially happen on what I call one dimensional plans such as those that have diet only and no exercise, meal replacements plans, pill only based plans and low carbohydrate plans.

Another key factor is that people lose focus. Human nature means that after 2 or 3 weeks of effort, we start cutting corners and taking short cuts. Often we do this without even … Read more

Probably one of the most powerful motivation skills of all is using a personal mantra. Simplicity is genius and this could never be more true than in this case. A personal mantra is a short meaningful emotional (3 to 5 words) statement that you repeat to yourself when you need to deal with difficult situations that require instant motivation.

Personal mantras work because we spend a lot of our time with negative thoughts in our mind e.g. I can’t do this! I’ve failed before! This is too hard@! I’m too old! I’m too tired! Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs control your actions.… Read more

Kelp is a brown seaweed that grows in nearly all oceans of the World. There are several varieties of Kelp including rockweed, laminaria and bladderwrack, the three most common types used in supplements. Kelp contains more vitamins and minerals than any other food. Vitamins include A, B2, B3 and choline and among the 23 minerals include iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, copper and zinc.

Because it is a great source of iodine, sea kelp can improve thyroid function for those who are deficient in iodine or poorly absorb it. Absorption is of particular interest… Read more

Red (bad) and Green (good) switches are a simplified way to help you understand how you lose weight. Red switches stop fat being burned and cause fat storage. Green switches allow access to fat and help prevent fat storage. In the last Issue I focussed on the key things that turn on the red switches. Now let’s focus on the positive and the key things you can do to turn on the green switches:

  1. Eating small and often is superb for turning on the green switches and keeping the red switches off. This alone can transform your weight loss. Try to eat 4 to 5 times daily at 3 to 4 hour intervals and never exceed
  2. Read more

This is a simplified but accurate picture of the process of weight loss that hopefully will inspire you to see where you are going wrong and motivate you to make better lifestyle changes.

Your fat cells have receptors. Some receptors help store fat (call them red switches to help you remember) and some receptors help burn fat (call them green switches). Most people have a lot of the red switches turned on and the green switches turned off! This can be particularly true in some areas of your body with stubborn fat e.g. stomach, especially lower stomach or hips and thigh or back of arms.

The environment… Read more

In the last article we discussed how a lot more people would succeed at weight loss if they simply got committed. Most people who think they are committed are actually not! We covered that being committed means:

  1. Expecting problems and being prepared to solve them.
  2. Recognising that YOU are ultimately responsible and control your own destiny.
  3. Not letting a relapse (where you go off the rails) become a total collapse

Now let us look at 4 more critical keys to commitment:

Commitment means when you think you are too tired to exercise, or think you don’t have the time to exercise, or think you don’t… Read more