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No journey can begin without a destination! Most people fail to get and stay motivated for weight loss because they are not clear about where they are going. The same applies to all other aspects of your life.  Goals are critical to your motivation. Once you have goals you can then make a step by step plan of action. You also have something to measure yourself against to see how you are doing.

A lot of people set goals incorrectly and this can easily lead to failure. A good goal must pass at least 3 tests – it must be specific, realistic and have a deadline. ‘Specific’ means that you state exactly … Read more

In the last issue I spoke about how the most critical key to weight loss is your metabolism. Indeed your metabolism is the ONLY key to superb results for your hips, thighs, stomach and other stubborn fat areas.

Metabolism faults will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. In stubborn fat areas the fat is ‘locked in’ due to faulty metabolism in the surrounding area mainly because of lifestyle habits. Unless you correct these faults you will find it almost impossible to improve these areas and will end up losing weight from the wrong places! Your body will burn… Read more

Motivation is a skill that you can learn. Most people do not realise this. They think you are either born with motivation or not. However motivated people, either by luck or design, actually use key skills that help them get and stay motivated.

Motivation is the starting point of all weight loss or health goals. It does not matter how good the plan is, unless you have the motivation to follow it through you will not succeed. I am going to outline the key skills to motivation. These will be simple tasks easily done. A little bit of practice and you will develop very powerful tools for success. But before… Read more

The truth about weight loss is that your plan must have 3 critical keys – metabolism, diet and exercise! It baffles me how people can tell you that you can lose weight properly without exercise or that liquid meal replacement diets are good for you or that weight loss pills work! Why can’t people tell you the truth?

I’m sure you are familiar with 2 of the keys – diet and exercise, but we leave out the most important and powerful key of all – metabolism! I am going to explore these keys so that you understand them better and clearly see that any genuine weight loss plan should… Read more

Shopping – your weight loss success or failure begins when you shop. Here the decisions you make are critical. Don’t rely on your willpower thinking you will be able to buy all those treats and junk foods and say no to them in times of weakness. Better not to get them in the first place!

Meal Gaps – as much as possible avoid long gaps between meals or snacks. This really slows down your metabolism and is one of the biggest causes of the cravings that you cannot control. Try to not leave it any longer than 4 hours between meals and snacks!

Toning – make sure toning is a vital part of your weight loss… Read more

One of the most important things you can do is protect your joints. Movement is fundamental to the enjoyment of life and health. Often due to wear and tear as people get older joints give more and more trouble. If you are not already aware of Glucosamine then you should put it on your supplement ‘hot’ list.

Glucosamine is one of those genuine miracle supplements. It has been proven in tests to be very effective at improving joint function because it not only helps repair tissue but also replace joint tissue. 66% of users experience benefits from its use, which is a phenomenal success rate.… Read more

Motivation is arguably the key to everything. Based on extensive research, we are delighted to bring you some of the most effective motivation techniques of all. They can be applied to any area of your life and in particular to making healthy life-styles changes. They take little or no time to practice because often they can be used immediately on real life situations. This edition we want to talk about ‘chunk sizing’a simple but incredibly powerful tool.

Chunk sizing is simply breaking the task in hand into smaller steps. Very often it is the thought of starting a task that is the hardest… Read more

Take our simple quiz to make yourself aware of the changes that are already taking place in your metabolism that might encourage you to make some health lifestyle changes.

Simply circle yes or no and add up your total score:

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Do you have any digestive problems like heartburn, indigestion or bloating? No Yes
Do you find your sleeping at night has dis-improved (not stress related)? No Yes
Do you find that you regularly seem to be sick with bugs, colds or flu? No Yes
Do you suffer from constipation? No Yes
Are you continually tired even after rest or a good night of sleep? No Yes
Do you drink the equivalent

Inside your body right now there are probably lots of changes happening that have far more serious consequences than you think. These ‘metabolic’ changes most people pass off as just a nuisance and part of the ‘norm’ and of very little harm, but this can be a fatal mistake.

What we are talking about are things like bloating, indigestion, constipation, trapped wind continuous fatigue, cravings, bad breath, stiffening joints, unexplained hair loss and fungal nail infections to mention a few! Most people mask them over with medications and cosmetic solutions but the problem… Read more

If you never wanted to lose weight, fixing your metabolism still provides miraculous health benefits. I don’t use the word miraculous lightly. Metabolism imbalance underlies virtually all serious illness and disease including the big 3 – heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

These changes tend to be ignored and overlooked and over a period of years can progress to something very serious. Nearly all people who suffer from these conditions, if you trace back through their history you can identify one or a number of metabolism changes that were never repaired.

Now with 1 out of every 3 people… Read more