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what you need to knowBy far the biggest mistake in weight loss is the idea that just cutting calories and adding lots of exercise is the answer. This immediately sets most people on the path to failure. A proper understanding of how weight loss works leads to incredible motivation and results! After all, how can you fix something if you don’t know how it works? If you understand weight loss, it is much easier to be successful.

Based on the best weight loss science, an accurate definition of weight loss would be: ‘Creating the environment in your body to maximise the burning of fat!’ Now think carefully about that… Read more

How to Conquer Your Cravings

Does one biscuit end up becoming three or four or maybe even the whole pack? What about bread? Does one slice end up becoming half the pan? Or maybe you stand in the shop planning to make a good choice but end up going for the chocolate bar or donut once again? Oh yes, good old cravings are at it again! Why can’t you say NO? Why can’t you stay in control? Cravings are often the vain of people’s lives.

Cravings can be a very powerful force. Very often they are based on the need to restore blood sugar levels, fill nutritional deficiencies or to stimulate the release of endorphins (feel good chemicals) … Read more


Do as you always have done and you will get what you always get! 

If you have not been as successful with your weight loss or fitness goals of late or in the past try working on these 8 key factors to change things for better success this time.

The more of these factors you do the better your chances for success! I have discovered through working with thousands of people that those who succeed at weight loss and get the job done work on almost all of the factors on this list.



  1. TARGETS – Have crystal clear personal targets for the end of each month on what weight you would like to be, what
  2. Read more

scales red Outside of the obvious effect of over-eating, there can be many reasons why your weight loss is slower than you would like or why you might be finding it very hard to lose. Weight loss is a little more complex than the old notion of just cutting calories and adding exercise.

  1. Under-eating is one of the most common reasons I come across. A lot of people simply do not eat enough food to support their body function and metabolism and weight loss is one of the first things to stop. Despite great effort at diet and exercise they get very little results. Every person has a minimum calorie level and once you go below
  2. Read more

7 top tipsAre you conscious about your belly fat? If you would like to lose your stomach fat and get a great looking waistline, there is so much more you can get with the right plan. The answer is to burn real fat, lots more real fat! Unfortunately nearly all weight loss plans burn very little fat.

I promise you that no matter how bad your stomach is you can improve it enormously, more than you ever might think. Regardless of your age or the cause (post baby weight, surgery, slow thyroid weight, beer belly weight etc), a weight loss plan that burns real fat will dramatically change your stomach.

With your stomach … Read more

I have to say that the best phone call I ever made was to Grace (the consultant) at System 10 clinic in Oranmore. Here’s why:

Grace put me on the right track straight away. My metabolism was at a standstill. I was putting on weight continuously. I found myself falling asleep as soon as I sat down in the evenings to watch my soaps on TV. I certainly had no interest in walking or any type of exercise. I had trouble sleeping well. Headaches were common place for me.

When I saw the program that was laid out for me at the start I thought I’d never be able for it. I started off my exercise and the motivation to… Read more

Mindest Dec14


Would you like to avoid that bloated toxic feeling this Christmas?

Would you like to avoid the 7 lbs of weight gain experienced by most people?

Do you want to avoid the excessive eating and drinking that makes you feel miserable?

Have you tried to be good previous years but failed despite your best efforts?

Well you can experience a super enjoyable but healthier Christmas this year by following my key steps below. It’s about making some concrete changes to how you think and having a prepared strategy……



Go into Christmas with the attitude of success. Be clear in your mind that … Read more

10262034_772460912798884_8384769615437785614_nOur Facebook Friends have been asking us some very good questions….
System10 creator David McDonagh, answers these Questions…

So… you have a problem, you want to lose weight… but you have another problem, you just can’t find the time to exercise?

I’m afraid not finding the time for losing weight, comes down to one thing – motivation!! If someone gave you €100,000 to lose 1 stone, would you find the time? Most probably! All of a sudden you would find the time. Think about it, if you want something bad enough, you would make the time, right? So motivation is the… Read more


Are you feeling depressed, poor digestion, constipated, poor circulation, fatigue, poor skin and hair quality, fertility problems and low sex drive – your thyroid could be killing your weightloss!

Nothing affects your weight loss like low thyroid function. It drastically limits your energy, drive and ages you well beyond your years.

It can mean you are operating at 50% of normal power – mentally and physically! It makes weight loss almost impossible because you can easily burn 400 calories less than normal per day. It can limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise… Read more

The Dunraven Arms Leisure Centre – have recent launched a System10 Clinic. Our consultation clinics are growing wide network’s nationwide now,S10-Opened-Adare-Limerick bringing more clinics closer to Irish people. Visit Adare Co. Limerick now to find a System10 Consultant to assist you with your weightloss in Limerick.

Book your appointment now in Adare Co. Limerick by contacting the Dunaraven Arms Leisure Centre

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