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Why Weight Loss DisHow many times have you been good only to get to the scales and drop little or nothing?

How many times have you been great for the whole week but one event or night out sabotages all your results?

There is a fundamental problem in all weight loss – we have huge expectations for weekly results, but we underestimate what this takes and how different things can sabotage our results. On top of all this, we often break the number ONE weight loss rule of all – precise tracking!

Let me explain what is happening. The basic rule of weight loss success is to create a daily calorie deficit by cutting calories… Read more

BurnoutDid you know that your adrenal glands (on top of your kidneys) hugely control your weight loss success? In many people, adrenal burnout results in little or no weight loss. Even more important these glands hugely influence your physical health, mental health and ageing!

These small glands deal with ALL your stresses and I mean ALL your stresses – home stress, work stress, exercise, illness, anxiety, long shifts, lack of sleep and dieting to name a few! They help maintain proper blood sugar levels. They fight fatigue. They help with disordered eating (i.e. irregular eating). They support thyroidRead more

HelpOutside of the obvious effect of over-eating, there can be many reasons why your weight loss is slower than you would like or why you might be finding it very hard to lose. Achieving real lasting weight loss is more complex than the old notion of just cutting calories and adding exercise.

1) Under-eating is one of the most common reasons I come across. A lot of people simply do not eat enough food to support their body function and metabolism and weight loss is one of the first things to stop. Despite great effort at diet and exercise they get very little results. Every person has a minimum calorie level… Read more

Weight Loss mythsLets get straight down to business:

CALORIES: You must factor in calories if you want to lose weight! It is true that it is not all about the calories, but the idea that you can ignore calories and eat what you like is ridiculous. You will definitely get to eat more when you choose the right types of foods, but not factoring in the calories is why many weight loss systems work great for a week or two and then fail miserably. Factoring in the calories is especially important for those starting at lighter bodyweights, for those who want the fastest results and for those who are trying to get rid of those last… Read more


Cardio exercise has amazing benefits but toning is arguably the most powerful exercise of all with huge more wide ranging benefits that you just cannot afford to miss! It is safe to say that not doing toning is one of the biggest exercise and health disasters of all. I’m serious.

You might think of weight bearing exercise as just being about toning muscles, but its so much more than that. Training with weights and body weight should really be described as a modern day health miracle. I really don’t think there is anything out there – lotion, potion, pill or surgery – that can match weight… Read more

metabolism (1)

Here are very common metabolism factors that slow your weight loss efforts. If they’re not improved upon at the same time as following a proven healthy lifestyle regime your weight loss results will probably be frustrating, minimal or non-existent.

Please carefully read each factor and take note of any signs or symptoms that might be affecting you. My purpose for writing this article is to show you through my years of experience in this field that REAL healthy weight loss especially as we age is about looking after your whole system and for the majority of us it’s not … Read more

5 tips to survive the holiday season

Another year is almost over, its time for some rest, recuperation and a bit of indulgence. With a few simple yet effective tips you can enjoy yourself, maintain control and reduce the chances of a guilty conscience in the aftermath.  

There’s no doubt that most of us are looking forward to some of the festive treats, some nights out, a lot of relaxation and we question whether we’re going to be able to maintain some degree of self control so we don’t wind up feeling terribly bloated, guilty and taking too many steps backwards.

Fortunately here’s 5 easy peasy tips that are

Read more

How Weight loss worksBy far the biggest mistake in weight loss is the idea that just cutting calories and adding lots of exercise is the answer. This immediately sets most people on the path to failure. A proper understanding of how weight loss works leads to incredible motivation and results! After all, how can you fix something if you don’t know how it works? If you understand weight loss, it is much easier to be successful.

Based on the best weight loss science, an accurate definition of weight loss would be: ‘Creating the environment in your body to maximise the burning of fat!’ Now think carefully about that… Read more

Weight loss goalsAre you committed to your weight loss goals? You might think you are or say that you are but unfortunately when it comes to the crunch very few people really are. A lot of people confuse commitment with simply being ‘interested’. Just having ‘interest’ in your weight loss isn’t enough, it is not a strong enough bond to get you through. So, what is commitment then?

There are many aspects to being committed so let us look at the most important ones. If you can get even a few of these aspects right you will be very successful. If you could get them all right you will have incredible success with your… Read more

NutritionSometimes in looking for the miracle, we overlook the real miracle and better nutrition is very often that miracle. Many of the health conditions and aches and pains explained and unexplained that you suffer from can often be greatly improved and often with better basic nutrition.

I say nutrition because you can be getting lots of food but very little nutrition as is the case with many people who overcook food, eat excessive amounts of junk and processed foods and over consume alcohol. Then add the nutrition depleting lifestyle factors of stress, over medication and smoking and the bleak reality… Read more