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This is one of the most important articles I have ever written on weight loss. Incorrect expectations are one of the biggest, if not THE biggest reason that people lose their motivation and give up on their weight loss plan. To consistently lose 1½ to 2 lbs per week is actually an amazing result for most people.

Remember 1½ to 2lbs a week quickly adds up! It is almost ½ stone every month and in 4 months you would have 2 stone gone! What is even more true is that for every 1 lb you lose it is really worth 2 lbs because if you were not ‘consciously’ losing weight, you would most likely be gaining weight! … Read more

1. The single most important factor for weight loss is that you burn more than you consume. So in 99% of cases if you are not losing weight you simply have not gotten this balance right no matter how good you think you have been!

2. What you burn is determined mostly by your metabolism and also by your level of activity. Under-eating is one of the fastest ways to kill your metabolism!

3. It is very normal for weight to fluctuate quite a bit on a day to day basis. Water intake, medicines, alcohol, the digestion of food and hormone balance can cause this. You should not judge your weight (whether up or down) on… Read more

Continuing on from our last blog, here are some more great tips on having a fun but healthier time this Christmas and avoiding the depression of gaining 10 lbs and feeling tired and bloated

Great Alcohol Tips!
• Vodka is the purest alcohol, so that with a pure fruit juice or soda water or mineral water mixer is a great choice.
• Don’t let people continually top up your drinks because this makes tracking intake impossible. Make sure to finish each drink completely before getting another.
• A quick pit-stop at the bar on visits to the loo to discreetly drink a glass of water can really help.
• … Read more

Christmas is just around the corner. This year you swear it will be different. You won’t gain the usual 10 lbs! You definitely don’t want the hangovers! You absolutely don’t want that bloated toxic feeling! It’s a little bit tricky. At the same time you want to cut loose and have a great time. Family and friends will be over. The tins of biscuits and boxes of chocolates will arrive by the truck load. There will be endless events to go to!

Well don’t worry. You can still have that great time but avoid all the excesses. It is easier than you think. It’s all about making clever choices and having… Read more

System 10 brings obesity treatment to a completely new success level! We ensure powerful ongoing results, amazing changes in shape and great weight loss maintenance (3 of the biggest problems with obesity treatments today) with critical factors that are missing from other treatments. These include combining the 3 keys of diet, exercise and metabolism correction, precision calorie deficit management and motivation and mental success training.

Critical factor 1 – combining the 3 keys – diet, exercise and metabolism correction. This is unique in weight loss. The 3 keys together… Read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is one of the most frustrating and confusing of digestive disorders that affects both women and men. 65% of cases are female with over 35’s being the most common age group. It is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. It can have a huge impact on your quality of life with some people becoming virtual prisoners of the condition.

The good news is that simple things can dramatically help you! The soluble fibre in rice, potatoes, carrots and turnips is amazing and should be the cornerstone of any treatment. Drinking water is equally dramatic in its benefits. A little… Read more

(Food choice can actually make you more intelligent!)

Organic Eggs are one of the best sources of phospholipids, especially the egg yolk. It is a total myth that eggs are bad for you and raise cholesterol. Studies have shown that this is clearly not the case even when people eat 2 eggs a day 7 days a week! An egg is only as good as the food the hen was raised on so make sure that you choose organic eggs only. Eggs are also a top source of all essential amino acids and have plenty of vitamin B12 to further strengthen their case for being a top brain food.

Liver is another top source of phospholipids. It is also loaded… Read more

It is true that you are what you eat, but I’m not sure that people fully realise how deep this runs. We tend to think of food in more physical terms – energy, muscles and bones not realising the impact on emotions, moods and intelligence is equally strong and arguable a bigger influence in our daily lives. Everything you are or are not is from your food – hormones, brain tissue, brain cells, even our very thoughts are chemical messages made from the food we eat.

Can foods make you more intelligent and smarter? Absolutely! While there are many factors involved in intelligence (IQ), food is … Read more

There is a very thin line to success in weight loss. It is a scientific fact that you must save 3500 calories for every 1 lb of weight you wish to lose. If you want to lose 2 lbs that means saving 7000 calories! It is for this very reason that weight loss has a very thin line to success and is best done with 3 keys – diet, exercise and metabolism correction.

You just cannot save enough calories from dieting only as you would have to be so strict you would be permanently starving and miserable. Further if you slip up at all you can quickly eat into any calories saved and end up with no movement on the scales.… Read more

Losing weight from the right places and not the wrong places….. here is what I do with my clients to make sure they keep the right curves (or get them if they never had them in the first place) and lose the wrong curves. KEY 1 – DIET……worst thing you can do is under eat or crash diet. You would be amazed at how fast you can lose muscle tone and firmness especially for some women in areas like the chest and bum. Half of the weight you are losing can be muscle tone and very quickly you will end up with a smaller saggier chest and smaller saggier bum. NEVER EVER eat less then 10 calories… Read more