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Exercise is absolutely vital for weight loss and any plan or person that says otherwise is very very wrong and very misleading. Aerobic (cardio) work where you get your heart rate up and try to keep it up for 40 minutes or more is very important and traditionally was considered the core of exercise weight loss…but not any longer!

Toning work is really the most important form of exercise for weight loss and if you are leaving it out you are making a huge mistake! Toning helps you to make enormous changes in your metabolism as well as being the most effective way to prevent sagging, tighten your skin and… Read more

This section is all about supplements that can make a significant difference in your life and especially for your metabolism and health or weight loss goals and Vitamin B5 certainly qualifies here.

Vitamin B5 also known as Calcium Pantothenate or Pantothenic Acid is a member of the B complex family of vitamins. It has roles in cell building, maintaining normal growth, the functioning of the central nervous system and antibody production but it is its essential role in the conversion of fat and sugar to energy and the functioning of the adrenal glands that is of particular interest to us.

The adrenal… Read more

Q. Why Can’t I Gain Weight? I’m too Skinny!

A. The inability to gain weight is a major stress for some people. This can be as distressing to those in this situation (especially ladies) as losing weight is to people with a weight problem. What is worse is that while there are plenty of people advising about weight loss, there are few if any who advise about weight gain and especially how to do it right.

In people who are unable to gain weight there are 3 factors to consider – their metabolism is normally unbalanced (including overactive thyroid function), they normally have poor food balance… Read more

Take our simple quiz to make yourself aware of the changes that are already taking place in your metabolism that might encourage you to make some health lifestyle changes.

Simply circle yes or no and add up your total score:

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Do you have any digestive problems like heartburn, indigestion or bloating? No Yes
Do you find your sleeping at night has dis-improved (not stress related)? No Yes
Do you find that you regularly seem to be sick with bugs, colds or flu? No Yes
Do you suffer from constipation? No Yes
Are you continually tired even after rest or a good night of sleep? No Yes
Do you drink the equivalent

Inside your body right now there are probably lots of changes happening that have far more serious consequences than you think. These ‘metabolic’ changes most people pass off as just a nuisance and part of the ‘norm’ and of very little harm, but this can be a fatal mistake.

What we are talking about are things like bloating, indigestion, constipation, trapped wind continuous fatigue, cravings, bad breath, stiffening joints, unexplained hair loss and fungal nail infections to mention a few! Most people mask them over with medications and cosmetic solutions but the problem… Read more

If you never wanted to lose weight, fixing your metabolism still provides miraculous health benefits. I don’t use the word miraculous lightly. Metabolism imbalance underlies virtually all serious illness and disease including the big 3 – heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

These changes tend to be ignored and overlooked and over a period of years can progress to something very serious. Nearly all people who suffer from these conditions, if you trace back through their history you can identify one or a number of metabolism changes that were never repaired.

Now with 1 out of every 3 people… Read more

The fastest and safest way to lose weight is to fix your metabolism. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Fixing your metabolism gets you burning more fat, every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – nothing can beat that! Just imagine the results! But there are 3 more incredible reasons why fixing your metabolism should be the only way you ever lose weight.

Reason No.1 – Real Weight Loss
Maybe you do not realise but people mostly lose just water and very little fat when they lose weight. The incredible stories you often hear of losing 8 lbs in a week of 1 stone in 2 weeks are nearly always ‘false’… Read more