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No journey can begin without a destination! Most people fail to get and stay motivated for weight loss because they are not clear about where they are going. The same applies to all other aspects of your life.  Goals are critical to your motivation. Once you have goals you can then make a step by step plan of action. You also have something to measure yourself against to see how you are doing.

A lot of people set goals incorrectly and this can easily lead to failure. A good goal must pass at least 3 tests – it must be specific, realistic and have a deadline. ‘Specific’ means that you state exactly … Read more

Motivation is arguably the key to everything. Based on extensive research, we are delighted to bring you some of the most effective motivation techniques of all. They can be applied to any area of your life and in particular to making healthy life-styles changes. They take little or no time to practice because often they can be used immediately on real life situations. This edition we want to talk about ‘chunk sizing’a simple but incredibly powerful tool.

Chunk sizing is simply breaking the task in hand into smaller steps. Very often it is the thought of starting a task that is the hardest… Read more