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(Food choice can actually make you more intelligent!)

Organic Eggs are one of the best sources of phospholipids, especially the egg yolk. It is a total myth that eggs are bad for you and raise cholesterol. Studies have shown that this is clearly not the case even when people eat 2 eggs a day 7 days a week! An egg is only as good as the food the hen was raised on so make sure that you choose organic eggs only. Eggs are also a top source of all essential amino acids and have plenty of vitamin B12 to further strengthen their case for being a top brain food.

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It is true that you are what you eat, but I’m not sure that people fully realise how deep this runs. We tend to think of food in more physical terms – energy, muscles and bones not realising the impact on emotions, moods and intelligence is equally strong and arguable a bigger influence in our daily lives. Everything you are or are not is from your food – hormones, brain tissue, brain cells, even our very thoughts are chemical messages made from the food we eat.

Can foods make you more intelligent and smarter? Absolutely! While there are many factors involved in intelligence (IQ), food is … Read more