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Early Morning Weight Loss

Introducing Our Early Morning Weight Loss Course

Our precision food, exercise and metabolism work done in a fun, supervised and highly motivational environment. Start at 6.45am for 1 hour!

This is our most complete weight loss package, providing everything you need for amazing success! This course is especially suited to those who are ‘too busy to lose weight’ or who need more motivation to lose weight. This will be the best weight loss course you have ever done!

Early Morning Sessions! The course takes place 2 mornings per week typically starting at 6.45am (some centres offer a range of start times beginning from 6.30am). It means you can go home or go to work with a great job done and your metabolism sky high for the rest of the day giving you maximum weight loss and energy. You will then only have 2 weekly walks or jogs to do on your own time!

Weekly Weigh-ins & Review! This course includes private weekly weigh-ins and reviews to check that you are on track and to keep you fired up to succeed.

Stomach, Hips & Thighs! This course includes special exercises and techniques to get amazing results especially for the stomach, hips and thighs! All the toning work you need for maximum weight loss and to tighten and firm up will be covered in the 2 sessions. You will have no toning to worry about at home.

All ages and fitness levels catered for! This course is suitable for all fitness levels and for all ages from 15. Everyone will work at their own pace.

Severe overweight and obese especially welcome! We are especially interested in helping people who are severely overweight or obese. Everything will be done to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, enjoy the experience and be very successful!

6 & 10 week early morning courses are available from many of our centres.
Please contact us for details.