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Key components of your METABOLISM

Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Gland Located in your neck, your thyroid is the master controller of your metabolic rate. A sluggish thyroid can cost you between 400 and 900 calories per day. Considering a typical 1 hour workout burns 500 calories, you can see that a sluggish thyroid can really hinder your weight loss.

It is estimated that 30% or more of people have undiagnosed sluggish thyroid. This makes perfect sense because of the limitations of current thyroid blood tests. Even if you have been told your thyroid levels are normal, this does not mean that your thyroid function hasn’t slowed down significantly. The ‘normal’ range currently accepted for thyroid function is too broad and does not factor in at all the ‘relative’ change from what your level might have been when at your best.… READ MORE

It is a certainty that once you approach 40 your thyroid will have significantly declined in function. Multiple pregnancies with short recovery time in between have also been linked to slow thyroid function, but this is often misdiagnosed as post natal depression. Whip lash injuries can also be the trigger of thyroid change as can general anaesthetic surgeries and serious illness like glandular fever.

High Blood Sugar

High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar levels are more and more common today. This is evidenced by the rising number of people developing Type 2 Diabetes. Diets too high in refined carbohydrates and processed foods are major contributors to this. Artificial sweeteners, despite their low calories, can still have the same effect on increasing blood sugar as regular sugar. High Blood Sugar

Elevated blood sugar levels stop fat burning cold. Fat cells are literally closed to allowing fat out. For some people because their blood sugar is already slightly elevated, even a small source of sugar can tip them into a state of no fat burning for hours on end, so be careful of those high sugar cereals and drinks and even fruit juicing because juiced fruit actually can have too high a sugar content for a lot of over weight people.… READ MORE

Normal stable blood sugar levels are one of the fundamentals of weight loss and the goal of any good weight loss plan. Therefore the concept of eating small and often is one of the true great strategies for weight loss and a critical part of our food plans.

Digestive Function

Digestive Function

Digestive Function It might not be that obvious but your digestive system is the starting point of weight loss success or failure. Starting from the stomach on, if things go wrong, then everything in the body goes wrong. You can end up lacking vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients for energy, fat burning and other vital functions. You must remember that your digestive system is the factory that renews, repairs and rebuilds your body.

You need to start thinking about your digestive system differently. Nearly everything in your body originates from it. Critically it provides the raw materials for producing the hormones which play such a huge role in weight loss, controlling blood sugar levels (insulin and glucagon) and thyroid function as above and adrenal hormones and sex hormones as outlined below.… READ MORE

Heart burn, indigestion, bloating and IBS are just some of the digestive problems that are making it much harder for you to lose weight. Constipation is totally incompatible with weight loss, it is a catastrophic metabolism problem that makes it virtually impossible to lose weight. The connection between the functioning of your digestive system and weight loss is very strong.

Connected to digestive function is food intolerance and allergies. Much of these actually spring for the malfunctioning of the digestive system itself. Food intolerances and allergies start a chain of events which disrupt the whole body metabolism including raising cortisol levels (see adrenal function), raising toxin levels (see liver function) and limiting the absorption of vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You can just imaging the consequences for weight loss.

Adrenal Gland

Adrenal Gland

These tiny glands located on top of your kidneys have a huge influence on weight loss success. These glands handle all the stress that your body is under. These days most of us are hammered with stress, whether it be financial, work, relationship or health stress. Even exercise is a stress but a very necessary one!

If coping with excess stress these glands pump out the hormone cortisol, excess amounts of which make weight loss more difficult and which in particular contributes to the build up of stubborn stomach fat.In extreme cases these glands completely fatigue and just cannot provide the cortisol necessary to deal with stress.… READ MORE

While it might sound good having no cortisol, this is actually a worse condition because in this situation your metabolism completely breaks down.Like everything in the body, it is all about balance!Your adrenal glands are highly connected to your thyroid function. When they are malfunctioning, you can be sure that your thyroid is negatively affected and vice versa, so this is another key factor in how your adrenal gland health influences your weight loss.


Liver Function

Liver Your liver is vital to weight loss. It is the major detox and production system of the body. The liver performs over 500 vital functions for the body and is working non stop 24/7. Lifestyle habits especially alcohol, smoking, processed foods, excess use of over the counter and prescription medication, hammer this organ.

You liver manufactures many vital vitamins and hormones essential for weight loss. All the toxins we take in from food, cosmetics and the air are dealt with by the liver. It helps eliminate bad hormone metabolites and regulate good hormone balance.… READ MORE

An overloaded and malfunctioning liver has a knock on effect on every aspect of weight loss. It will greatly affect thyroid function, blood sugar levels, adrenal function and sex hormone balance, making our weight loss goal much harder to achieve.


Hormone Balance

Here we refer to the sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Ladies have predominantly estrogen and progesterone and small amounts of testosterone. Males have predominantly testosterone and small amounts of estrogen and progesterone. Hormone Balance

Appropriate balance of all 3 hormones is vital in both for proper weight loss and body function. Interestingly an excess or lack of any of these hormones can contribute to weight gain and stubborn fat. This happens not only because of the individual role each of these hormone plays in weight loss but also because of the knock on effect on all other hormones when one hormone is out of balance. Hormones work purely as a team, when one is out all the others are out too. Again it is all about balance!… READ MORE

Many lifestyle factors affect these hormones. Wine for example can dramatically increase estrogen levels especially in females! All alcohol dramatically affects these hormones in both males and females. The pill alters the balance of estrogen and progesterone in females. Chemicals in plastics and cosmetics and herbicides and pesticides have all estrogen like effects in the body of males and females. Man boobs develop from increasing estrogens in males!

Our sex hormone balance is under continuous attack and the more out of balance it is the harder it is to shift weight, especially from stubborn fat areas – back of arms, hips, thighs and butt in females and chest and stomach in males.

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