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Di-indoyl-methane (DIM)

Healthy estrogen metabolism and the preventing of estrogen dominance are very important for weight loss especially on hips and thighs. Dim promotes healthy estrogen levels in both men and women. DIM is a dietary indole found in cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli etc.) Western women generally have excessive estradiol and estrone levels but deficient estriols levels. This causes a variety of female medical problems. Dim helps reverse this situation. Dim is not suitable if you are breast feeding or if you are on breast cancer medication .Dim is not a hormone in any way shape of form. Key Benefits are:

  • It prevents estrogen dominance.
  • Important in weight loss because it regulates estrogen levels which is important for losing weight efficiently.
  • Dim can help to reserve many female medical problems.



Price: €18.99

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