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Facebook online plan (15th February 2016) 2 x 4 wk plan

New private online plan

Lose 20+ lbs with this complete 8 week package

Hello I’m David the creator of System 10 and I will be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you to get a 20+ lb transformation over 2 x 4 week online plans*. I always say that once you lose the first 10 lbs that it is the second 10 lbs that really shows all the results and delivers the real transformation.

20 lbs is indeed a massive transformation especially when it is real fat loss and you should be completely transformed after 2 plans and be fighting fit. You should also notice real changes in stubborn fat areas like stomach, hips and thighs after a 20 lb loss and will have a great metabolism to continue further if you wish or to maintain easier than ever what you have lost.

The Early bird special offer price is amazing value @ Just €139! (Limited time offer) Full price: €199. Click "Purchase Now" below & checkout!

  • Plan Starts Monday, January 11th!
  • Sign up Deadline: Sunday, December 13th @ midnight!

I look forward to working with you and will give you the best support, information and motivation I can.

Thank you

Dietician & Metabolism Specialist
Creator of the System 10 program

*(The 8wk plan will be two 4wk plans with a one week break in between, you will complete a new questionnaire on your weeks break between plans so that we can prepare your second 4wk plan. This makes your plans even more accurate which leads to great results and freshens up your motivation along with a new private online group!)



Price: €139.00

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