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10 Week Weight Loss Plan

10_weekThis longer plan is perfect for substantial changes in weight, toning, metabolism and health. Because your metabolism normally starts to ‘kick-in’ from 6 weeks on you have the time to really build on this and gain great rewards especially in amazing changes in ‘shape’ and shifting stubborn fat. This plan is also the ideal length for beginners or older clients to allow a gentle build up of fitness and weight loss.

  • HOME (walk, jog or cycle) or GYM plans.
  • Beginners, improvers and advanced exercise levels.
  • Normal everyday foods with built-in choices.
  • Regular food plans, wheat/gluten free food plans or dairy/lactose free food plans available to choose from.
  • Daily treat allowance of 200 calories of whatever you like!
  • 100 calorie allowance for sauces/dressings
  • All plans allow for the consumption of a reasonable amount of alcohol once weekly!

    Once you have completed our unique metabolism questionnaire you will get:
  1. A full metabolism analysis report and rating from 0 (very poor) to 10 (excellent)
  2. A programme of 7 days food plans to fix your metabolism and maximise weight loss(for success these are chosen based on your weight, activity level and metabolism)
  3. A step by step cardio (aerobic) exercise plan and toning plan
  4. A list of the best nutritional supplements to correct your metabolism
    This is based on critical needs and deficiencies and is a superb part of our plan
  5. Our full colour Success Guide with all the instructions and guidelines you need for success
    - Contains lots of information on weight loss that you probably never knew
    - Has some of the best techniques for getting and staying motivated
    - Has photo explanations of toning exercises for those on our home plan

    Your consultant will provide:
  • Private weekly weigh-ins and reviews (this is one of the best parts of our plan)
  • Tracking of body-fat and inch loss to show you just how much you are changing!
  • Motivation and support to follow our Critical Success Principles
  • Phone support if you go missing!
  • Metabolism tests and advanced strategies if results are slower than we expect

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