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A. There are a number of factors in this. Biggest of them all is the fact that on most weight loss plans you aren’t really burning fat to begin with! There is only so much toxins and water you can lose, so inevitably results will stop. This will especially happen on what I call one dimensional plans such as those that have diet only and no exercise, meal replacements plans, pill only based plans and low carbohydrate plans.

Another key factor is that people lose focus. Human nature means that after 2 or 3 weeks of effort, we start cutting corners and taking short cuts. Often we do this without even … Read more

You might be dropping the pounds fast. You might find the shortcuts appealing. You think everything is going well. You are probably just focussing on your weight only. However your weight loss plan is more than likely CHEATING you and seriously damaging your shape, body and health.

Low calorie diets, diet potions and pills, weight loss plans without exercise and meal replacement plans are all part of a range of weight loss options where you are WASTING your time and effort. They DO NOT burn any real fat. They DO NOT improve your SHAPE. You are fooling yourself into thinking they work. Get your FAT … Read more

Exercise is absolutely vital for weight loss. Anyone who tells you different is wrong – dead wrong! So what exactly should you be doing? How should you do it? Is more better?

If you try to lose weight without exercising you will definitely fail – no question! Besides making you mentally feel better, exercise raises your metabolism and allows you to get results while still having a little bit of leeway with your food intake. Indeed exercise is the fastest way to improve a slow metabolism and reverse metabolism damage.

On top of all that, no matter how healthy you eat, you will not have a … Read more

A: No matter what your back problem, you must find a way to exercise. You cannot let the rest of your body especially your heart and lungs decay because of one problem area. Sure you need to be cautious and carefully consider what you do, but the WORST thing you can do is avoid exercise. The very thing you are avoiding is probably one of the best medicines for your back problem anyway!

If you can get out of bed by yourself, then you can exercise! Don’t use back problems as an excuse not to exercise! Talk to your physio or fitness trainer to find out the best way for you to exercise. If they can’t … Read more

The truth about weight loss is that your plan must have 3 critical keys – metabolism, diet and exercise! It baffles me how people can tell you that you can lose weight properly without exercise or that liquid meal replacement diets are good for you or that weight loss pills work! Why can’t people tell you the truth?

I’m sure you are familiar with 2 of the keys – diet and exercise, but we leave out the most important and powerful key of all – metabolism! I am going to explore these keys so that you understand them better and clearly see that any genuine weight loss plan should… Read more