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Exercise is absolutely vital for weight loss and any plan or person that says otherwise is very very wrong and very misleading. Aerobic (cardio) work where you get your heart rate up and try to keep it up for 40 minutes or more is very important and traditionally was considered the core of exercise weight loss…but not any longer!

Toning work is really the most important form of exercise for weight loss and if you are leaving it out you are making a huge mistake! Toning helps you to make enormous changes in your metabolism as well as being the most effective way to prevent sagging, tighten your skin and… Read more

There seems to be a lot of confusion as to the ideal food balance for weight loss. Low carb diets! High protein diets! High fat diets! High carb diets! There is an endless range of options, all claiming to be the new miracle for weight loss.

The truth is that the ideal balance should be based 1) on how much of each of these we actually need to maintain internal body functions and 2) on how much of each of these we need give us stable blood sugar levels throughout the day, giving us the energy we need but at the same time not adding to our fat stores and weight.

A good analogy would be that the body has 3 fuel tanks … Read more