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The System 10 Plan

System 10 is a 3, 6 or 10 week step by step plan of food, nutrition and exercise to maximise your metabolism for your best weight loss ever. It all starts by completing our unique metabolism questionnaire.


We present you a report on your metabolism having identified your key metabolism problems – the things that are limiting or stopping your weight loss. We rate your metabolism from 0 (very poor) to 10 (excellent). We are the only weight loss system in the World that does this individualised metabolism analysis.


Your diets are selected from our range of dietician designed plans and are based on your metabolism, weight, body-fat and activity level. We place a big emphasis on you not being hungry. There are no shakes, pills or other gimmick type substitutions.

Our diets are very highly balanced to ensure your safety and success and incorporate all the best weight loss principles – high fibre, low-fat, low GI and GL foods, more alkaline foods and the best principles of food combining.

You get a range of 7 days plans which tell you exactly what to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals. There is a built in choice of foods. We also do wheat & gluten free plans and dairy and lactose free plans for those with these needs.


One of the best parts of our plan is the list of personal recommended supplements (just regular vitamins, minerals or nutrients) we include on your report. We select these based on how you answer our questionnaire with the goal of fixing your deficiencies, your metabolism and maximising your weight loss. These same deficiencies will be at the root cause of many of the health problems or issues you might have and so it is very important to pay attention to it.


Our cardio (aerobic) and toning plans compliment your personal food plans. You have a choice between Home (walking, jogging or cycling plans), Gym plans or Circuit Gym plans.

Typically our Home plans require about 5 days of cardio and 2 short toning sessions, while our Gym plans require 4 days of cardio and 2 short toning sessions. However you can choose to do as little as 2 days per week – depending on the weekly results you require.  All our exercise plans are done at a pace that suits you fitness level. Over-exercising is very bad for weight loss, so be careful! This is very common and easily happens when people are on very low calorie diets. Exercise is important but it is not all about exercise.

Alcohol & Treats

By combining the 3 keys you have room to enjoy your life. We allow you a few drinks every week while on the plan and a daily 200 calorie treat of whatever you wish – even a chocolate bar!


The great weight loss, energy and health improvements you will see by combining the 3 keys is very motivating but we don’t stop there. We show you how to get and stay motivated with some of the World’s best motivation techniques. You also have the choice of weekly weigh-ins if you go to one of our consultants!




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