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Understanding Weight Loss

I hope this information will change your thinking about weight loss forever. When people lose weight, I want them to be on the best plan available. I want them to get powerful results as easily and safely as possible. I want to give them not only the best weight loss but the best shape! Shape is actually far more important than just weight loss. When people lose weight I also want to build up their health and make sure that they can keep the weight off easily afterwards.

Most of all, I want people to get away from the waste of time gimmicks that mislead them purely for commercial gain, especially the weight loss pills (because to-date there is no effective one), the high protein diets (very hard on the body and cause only short term weight loss), the low carb diets (false weight loss through mostly water loss and give you severe cravings and make you depressed) and the meal replacements diets (because they give false weight loss, destroy your shape and kill your metabolism). Everything in my plan is there because it has to be there. I can stand over everything I say. If there was a better way to lose weight I would have it here.

It is a scientific fact that you must save 3500 calories for every 1 lb of weight you wish to lose. Now think about that – 3500 calories per 1 lb! To lose 2 lbs a week you would need to save 7000 calories! To lose 3 lbs a week 10,500 calories! These facts should guide you to proper weight loss and help you see the truth from the lies.

You simply cannot achieve that through diet alone, exercise alone or even diet and exercise together. You can only achieve real successful weight loss by combining 3 keys – diet, exercise and metabolism correction – and the 3 keys must be carefully balanced.


To lose weight by dieting only would mean that you would have to be so strict that you simply could not stay with the plan. You would be miserable, hungry, get severe cravings and have low energy – a recipe for disasater! One or two small break outs and most of your hard work would be undone. If you lose weight without exercise you end up a saggy weight loss mess! Worst of all severe calorie restriction kills your metabolism within just 4 days! Changing your diet is very important for weight loss but you cannot go too severe and on its own is not a formula for success.


The average person burns about 500 calories with 1 hour of brisk exercise! Therefore it would take about 7 hours exercise to lose 1 lb of weight. If you wanted to lose 2 lbs a week that would be 14 hours of exercise!! You can see from this that exercise alone is not the solution to weight loss. High amounts are neither realistic nor healthy for most people. Exercise does contribute calorie burn and therefore allows you a bit of flexibility with your diet which is very important but its real power comes from other benefits. Exercise is the fasest way to wake up a sleepy metobolism, especially through toning. Exercise helps with apetite control. Exercise is the only way to really tighten up the inches and get firm. Exercise contributes huge mental benefits that make you feel good and make weight loss much easier and more realistic.


Your metabolism is the real master of your weight loss. It is the most important key of all. It controls the results from your diet and exercise. A good metabolism means you burn more fat every hour, 24 hours a day! It doesn’t matter how much dieting or exercise you do, if your metabolism is out of order or if you keep doing things that slow it down, you will find it very hard to lose weight. This happens all the time and is one of the main reasons I created the System 10 plan!

Your metabolism explains why as you get older it is harder to lose weight (slowing thyroid function is just one factor) and why 2 people of the exact same shape and weight can do the same plan and one gets great results and the other very little results. Your metabolism  explains why after an illness or post pregnancy some people cannot lose weight. Your metabolism explains why some people just look at food and gain weight and others can eat all round them and gain very little!

Virtually everyone has some metabolism problems and many people have multiple metabolism problems. Doesn’t it make sense to fix these as you lose weight? Otherwise you can be going to all that effort and sacrifice and still get very little results! Your metabolism is the foundation of your results. Very common metabolism problems (many go completely undiagnosed despite testing!) include slow thyroid, adrenal gland insufficiency,  high blood sugar levels, digestive problems (including constipation, IBS, Divertiulitis and Chron’s), hormone imbalances (including PCOS and Endometriosis) and sluggish liver.

Fixing your metabolism is not only the master key to your weight loss but it can double your weight loss results (one simple example is a sluggish thyroid which can cost you 500+ calories a day, that’s 3500 calories a week or 1 lb of weight!). But that is not all, your metabolism is the key to shifting stubborn fat and cellulite especially from the stomach, hips and thighs and also to losing weight from the right places and not the wrong places! Metabolism changes (especially hormone imbalances) in these areas are the very reaason this fat has become stubborn in the first place.

Combining the 3 keys – diet, exercise and metabolism correction – will transform your weight loss and give you a much better shape, way more energy and vastly improved health. The System 10 plan does this exactly for you!